Monthly Archives: July 2010

Parenting Adolescents

Parenting teens requires self-reflection and adjusting our relational style.

World Music D

Mozart in Egypt: This weekend in honor of the World Cup, we have some interesting music from two albums Mozart L’Egyptien 1 and 2.  Hughes DeCourson has combined Mozart melodies and songs with Egyptian instruments and some Arabic chants and lyrics.  The combination is interesting.  Mozart aficionados will recognize the tunes.  Listeners familiar with classical…

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Leadership Lessons from a Strength Coach

Living in cross cultural spaces has encouraged me to be a learner and to try to learn from different people in different places. I found some very insightful comments on coaching, teaching, mentoring, parenting, and leadership from an athletic strength coach, named Mike Boyle. This guy is apparently strong enough to learn from his mistakes….

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