Leadership Lessons from a Strength Coach

Leadership Lessons from a Strength Coach

Living in cross cultural spaces has encouraged me to be a learner and to try to learn from different people in different places.

I found some very insightful comments on coaching, teaching, mentoring, parenting, and leadership from an athletic strength coach, named Mike Boyle.

This guy is apparently strong enough to learn from his mistakes. In his post 25 years, 25 mistakes, Michael Boyle, a successful strength training coach and consultant humbly admits some lessons he’s learned from the mistakes he has made during 25 years of work (learning?). Some terminology won’t make sense to those unfamiliar with weightlifting and fitness training (Plyometrics or wide snatch grip, for ex.) so,  for some people Mike’s  article may be a cross cultural space. But the principles are super!

His insights are incredibly practical for anyone in the people developing business.

Let me list some of my favorites… then why don’t you give it a read Click Here

particularly if you don’t know what a snatch grip is and don’t really care what it is.

Mistake #1 Knowing it all!
Mistake #2 Not taking interns sooner
Mistake #7 Adding without subtracting (the older I get, the more this makes sense…think about that a minute REC )
Mistake #11 Copying any programs
Mistake #20 Not recognizing stress (even positive stress can have consequences)
Mistake #24 Not giving enough to charity
Mistake #25 Reading an article like this and thinking it doesn’t apply to you.

So, go check back, click that link and give it a read.  And see how it might apply to you.

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