Managing Across Cultures

Managing Across Cultures

I just picked up the book,  Managing Across Cultures, by Charlene Solomon and Michael Schell.

This looks like a very helpful book for those working with multi cultural teams or for anyone interested in understanding how cultural influences affect communication, management across cultures,  negotiation and team dynamics.  The authors believe that anyone can learn how to improve their cultural competence.

Seven areas of cultural difference receive careful treatment and the reader is first encouraged to identify his or her own cultural influences and personal style and only then to try and understand another culture’s worldview.  This surely is the right approach.

In Managing Across Cultures, you find the seven areas where cultures tend to differ:

  1. Hierarchy and Egalitarianism
  2. Group Focus
  3. Relationships
  4. Communication Styles
  5. Time Orientation
  6. Change Tolerance
  7. Motivation/Work Life Balance

It’s a good guide for those looking for some handles for understanding cross cultural management.

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