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RnR in Ephesus

Robert has been living and working overseas for more than 15 years and has traveled extensively in more than 20 countries. He likes all kinds of music, reading, gardening, dabbling with foreign languages, and assisting others to succeed in cross cultural settings. After starting a non-profit education and development office, he acted as Director for ten years before moving to Istanbul, Turkey. Now he lives in Izmir, Turkey.

Robert lives with his wife Rona in ‘Bluecity” Turkey. Three daughters are attending university.  Robert and Rona also have experience educating children in cross cultural spaces and assisting other families with cross cultural adjustments.

Robert’s youngest daughter Sarah used to help him with the techie side of this site, but any infelicitous choices of color scheme, any and all obsession with gauche fonts and especially the cluttered appearance found on these pages is entirely due to Robert’s having lived overseas too long,  and his settled conviction that an empty desk (desktop?) (or any empty horizontal surface for that matter) ordinarily indicates an empty mind, and his confused insistence that the universal primary colors are actually blue, black, and tan.

Contact Robert rec@onlifeasyougo.com for more information :

Onsite and Distance Coaching and Training for Inter-cultural and Cross Cultural Adaptation and Foreign Language Acquisition

Helping Businesses, Organizations and Individuals Communicate Effectively in Cross Cultural Contexts

Strategic Consulting for Effective Cross Cultural Relationships

-Proven Strategies for Helping Families Thrive Overseas

-Consulting for Educational and Inter-cultural Exchange

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