Business Dos and Don’ts

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Negotiating Win-Wins in Cross Cultural Spaces

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Managing Across Cultures

I just picked up the book,  Managing Across Cultures, by Charlene Solomon and Michael Schell. This looks like a very helpful book for those working with multi cultural teams or for anyone interested in understanding how cultural influences affect communication, management across cultures,  negotiation and team dynamics.  The authors believe that anyone can learn how…

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Greetings again…

You read it first here, in the previous post.  Note the scandal over the inappropriate handshaking by Indonesian Government Minister with Michelle Obama… You can read about the controversy  or here or here.

Leadership Lessons from a Strength Coach

Living in cross cultural spaces has encouraged me to be a learner and to try to learn from different people in different places. I found some very insightful comments on coaching, teaching, mentoring, parenting, and leadership from an athletic strength coach, named Mike Boyle. This guy is apparently strong enough to learn from his mistakes….

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