Cross Cultural Skills

Effecting Change in Cross Cultural Settings

Successfully encouraging and effecting change through community development in a cross cultural context is a complex undertaking, isn’t it

Debriefing Challenging (Cross-Cultural) Situations or Events I :

Some Suggested Steps Living in cross cultural spaces will bring us face to face with many challenging and confusing situations and events. Whether it’s business or pleasure, life in a different culture is always interesting and full of surprises. Learning to learn from these experiences and events may help us navigate those spaces more gracefully…

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So Where’s Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity

Interesting short film by TCK at Georgetown about TCKs. Enjoy So Where\'s Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity

Cultural Intelligence…do you have it?

Here is a link to an introductory article by P. Christopher Earley and Elaine Mosakowski in HBR on Cultural Intelligence. People can have a very high IQ but a very low CQ (Cultural Quotient),  and have some different measure of emotional intelligence.  Whether or not a person can actually increase their IQ is a subject of…

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Testing your Intercultural Intelligence Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus eget ligula eu massa iaculis iaculis a sit amet purus. Duis vitae leo nec augue consequat consequat. Suspendisse interdum dui ac leo accumsan tincidunt. Sed sit amet lorem in magna dapibus rutrum tincidunt et orci. Cras sit amet tellus ligula. Quisque eget ante sapien. Morbi…

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