Families Abroad

Leadership Adaptive or Technical? (part 1)

Adaptive Problems and Challenges (ACs)  require painful transitions in attitudes, values, and/or behaviors. Adaptive change must be internalized by the people with the problem.

Travel and Proven Technology

The more “locally” one travels the more one learns about a people and their customs, habits and worldviews. Most travel in cross cultural spaces is not done “locally”, however.

Halfpats and Expats (expatriates living abroad)

Not all people living and working overseas are sent there by their companies for short terms of duty, complete with hardship pay, shipping containers with their personal belongings, full time staff etc. More and more people are choosing to live overseas longer term and work for local or multi-national companies. Expats tend to see the…

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Two Simple Questions that we are all trying to answer…

While I was traveling last week, I had several occasions to talk about child rearing, family relationships and in general talk about healthy interpersonal relationships.  It’s fun to attempt to distill true principles into very simple and basic pieces and see how the really best family consulting is simple and crosses and intersects different cultures…

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Traveling Lite

Great tips for travelers. Check this out: http://www.onebag.com/