Family Life Challenges and Skills

Leadership Adaptive or Technical? (part 1)

Adaptive Problems and Challenges (ACs)  require painful transitions in attitudes, values, and/or behaviors. Adaptive change must be internalized by the people with the problem.

So Where’s Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity

Interesting short film by TCK at Georgetown about TCKs. Enjoy So Where\'s Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity

Long Flights with Small kids…My kids are older now but this is really helpful….

Give this a read….

Leadership Lessons from a Strength Coach

Living in cross cultural spaces has encouraged me to be a learner and to try to learn from different people in different places. I found some very insightful comments on coaching, teaching, mentoring, parenting, and leadership from an athletic strength coach, named Mike Boyle. This guy is apparently strong enough to learn from his mistakes….

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Ed Welch on Successful Parenting

It’s fun to invite others to join in discussions, especially when it’s something like parenting. Ed Welch at CCEF has a great article on successful parenting.  In fact,, the practical counseling that they encourage at CCEF is helpful in all areas of life, and is usually simple and suitable for cross cultural spaces also.  Their…

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