Interpersonal Space

Travel and Proven Technology

The more “locally” one travels the more one learns about a people and their customs, habits and worldviews. Most travel in cross cultural spaces is not done “locally”, however.

Hospitality Train

Hospitality is pretty important in cross cultural spaces, but the “rules” of the game are not always the same in every place with every person. It’s important to learn about hospitality and how it works. Business and social relationships can suffer when hospitality isn’t understood and appropriately practiced. Once, I was on a 4 hour…

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The most expensive place for expats to live is… Surprise!

As for the top 20 most expensive cities, that list was clearly dominated by Asia-Pacific metropolises.

Saunas, Locker rooms and cross cultural spaces

Intentional livers in cross cultural spaces (sounds like a high cholesterol food, doesn’t it?) are always learning all the time. I’m always trying to learn a few things about other cultures in the locker rooms and saunas of various countries and cities. Finding saunas and locker rooms is itself a challenge in some parts of…

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