Leadership Adaptive or Technical? (part 1)

Adaptive Problems and Challenges (ACs)  require painful transitions in attitudes, values, and/or behaviors. Adaptive change must be internalized by the people with the problem.

Parenting Adolescents

Parenting teens requires self-reflection and adjusting our relational style.

Ed Welch on Successful Parenting

It’s fun to invite others to join in discussions, especially when it’s something like parenting. Ed Welch at CCEF has a great article on successful parenting.  In fact,, the practical counseling that they encourage at CCEF is helpful in all areas of life, and is usually simple and suitable for cross cultural spaces also.  Their…

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Failure in Arranging Success

When I first started thinking about writing a piece on arranging for our children’s success, I was confronted with a number of questions: What is success? Can we really arrange for our children’s success? Don’t we learn a lot from our failures. And on and on. All very good questions! Let me clarify that I’m…

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Helping our kids succeed: mentoring

Awhile back we began to consider how to arrange for our kids’ success. I’m still learning how to do this better.  This past week, I failed to arrange that for one of my daughters, and so one of my kids did not experience success. I didn’t experience success either.  As a dad, I made some…

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