On Training and Bike Riding

Sometimes our training others and parenting others and even supervision means that we will not so much 1. model, 2. assist,  3.watch and 4.leave by using a strict protocol or sequence. Instead, we adopt a much more hands-off approach.  It requires wisdom and humility to recognize when we really cannot “train” a behavior or skill…

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Hospitality Train

Hospitality is pretty important in cross cultural spaces, but the “rules” of the game are not always the same in every place with every person. It’s important to learn about hospitality and how it works. Business and social relationships can suffer when hospitality isn’t understood and appropriately practiced. Once, I was on a 4 hour…

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Two Simple Questions that we are all trying to answer…

While I was traveling last week, I had several occasions to talk about child rearing, family relationships and in general talk about healthy interpersonal relationships.  It’s fun to attempt to distill true principles into very simple and basic pieces and see how the really best family consulting is simple and crosses and intersects different cultures…

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Traveling Lite

Great tips for travelers. Check this out: http://www.onebag.com/

Traveling Lite, once again…We can always improve

Travel More with Less provides still more tips on minimalist travel. Check it out HERE.