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Failure in Arranging Success

When I first started thinking about writing a piece on arranging for our children’s success, I was confronted with a number of questions: What is success? Can we really arrange for our children’s success? Don’t we learn a lot from our failures. And on and on. All very good questions! Let me clarify that I’m…

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Help For Frantic Families

Occasionally, I’d like to recommend a useful book. 1.      What makes your family unique? The answer to this question should be two or three sentences that describe how your family is different from any other family in the world. If you don’t know what differentiates your family from others, you won’t have a basis for…

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Arranging “success” Step One

Arranging for our children to succeed in cross cultural settings means we need to have some idea of what “success” looks like in our family. So the first step is to ask: What are we aiming for? What kind of children, teens and young adults do we hope to assist our children in becoming. Moms…

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