So Where’s Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity

Interesting short film by TCK at Georgetown about TCKs. Enjoy So Where\'s Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity

Arranging “success” Step One

Arranging for our children to succeed in cross cultural settings means we need to have some idea of what “success” looks like in our family. So the first step is to ask: What are we aiming for? What kind of children, teens and young adults do we hope to assist our children in becoming. Moms…

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Arranging for kids to succeed overseas

I was reading the Rule of St.Benedict recently and came across an interesting principle that is quite relevant to parenting young children overseas. Arranging for our kids to succeed. How simple! How essential! We can’t guarantee that our kids will succeed in cross cultural spaces. Third-culture-kids (TCK)face unusual challenges. All the more reason for parents…

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Kids Growing Up Overseas

We’ve raised four daughters overseas in a number of countries and settings. Sometimes people think that their children who grow up in a foreign country may not develop properly, or might somehow miss out. On the contrary, they might even have unique opportunities to develop their specific talents. Since our children grew up being different…

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